Value Driven Culture Change Process


Our client had recently merged with another legal entity and wished to identify and build a strong culture appropriate for the newly merged organisation.

How we helped

Carroll Consulting implemented a Values Driven Culture Change Programme. This programme of work started with a clear strategy for staff engagement in the identification of the values.  We ran workshops with all staff, taking them through a process to identify potential crises that may impact on organisational goals and to identify the values that would prevent these crises happening or enable the organisation to recover from these crises quickly – thereby minimising impact on the business.  These draft values were confirmed through a series of questionnaires.

Once confirmed, Carroll Consulting undertook an analysis to identify where the organisation systems, processes, structure, skills and communication methodologies were not aligned with the values. These were consequently revised to ensure alignment.

A key system in any Value driven change process is the Performance Management system as this is where managers and staff have a conversation about what is important in the delivery of organisational objectives and what behaviour is important and why. It is during these conversations that the values need to be reinforced and role modelled.  Carroll Consulting designed a performance management system and implemented the training of every manager and staff member to effectively implement this system.


While any culture change is a long journey, we found that staff did understand what the values of the organisation were and why they were important to long term business success.  We had systems and processes that supported the desired culture, and values were included in the regular performance management coaching discussions between staff and managers during the year.  We also found that staff were talking about the values and addressing poor behaviour of their peers within the context of the values.