Transformational Change


An organisation had significant operations throughout New Zealand.  Each  operational hub operated differently and had different volumes of traffic although the outcomes of each hub were the same.  Their latest engagement survey results had been disappointing.  It was recognised that, given the projected growth of their business, the organisation needed to become more agile, more able to easily scale up their operations and adopt new technology; and needed to have an empowered workforce able to deliver in a high quality services in a consistent manner throughout the country.

With nearly 90 leaders and approximately 800 staff affected by the change this was a major transformational change project.

How we helped

Carroll Consulting led an internal project team of operational experts to redesign the current operating model and associated organisational structures.  This required two different models to meet the different volumes of the various “hubs”. The foundation for the design included alignment with the desired organisational culture.

Once the design had been approved by the Board, Carroll Consulting implemented the change. This included all internal communications; ensuring a rigorous and robust assessment and selection process was used to transition staff into the new roles; ensuring all supporting aspects of the change such as identifying and advising all external stakeholders ,  ensuring new technology was available along with training and development.


There were no legal challenges regarding the transition process and twelve months after the implementation, engagement scores have doubled and the transition of one “hub” from the small operating model to the large operating model was seamless.