Selection System Design

Once the competencies/dimensions required for success have been identified, we will work with you to identify the most cost-effective and efficient selection system to identify your desired candidate.

Assessment Centre Method for Selection

This is a method of predicting future behaviour through use of behavioural simulations that measure a candidate’s ability to handle future responsibilities. We can provide you with well researched, validated, job-related assessment tools, which link directly back to the competency(ies) of the role. They give all candidates the same opportunity  to demonstrate the desired behaviour(s).

These tools may include:

  • analysis exercises – varying in length from 30 minutes to two or three hours
  • business interactions – such as dealing with poor performance, overcoming resistance to change, sales interactions
  • oral presentations

Behavioural Based Interviewing

In a behavioural-based interview, we ask targeted questions designed to draw out the sort of behaviour data that is related to the required competencies. Once all the information is gathered, a structured data integration and evaluation process will ensure that you select the most suitable person to complement the other talent within your team and organisation.

Cognitive Ability Testing

As an independent organisation, we have no vested interest any particular testing methodology. We take into account reliability, relevance and the perception of the users (face validity) when determining which tests to use. We can provide a range of tests to assess cognitive capability in a range of roles and levels including:

  • senior management
  • front-line leader
  • sales and customer service
  • administration.

Where appropriate these tests can be administered on-line.

Psychometric Testing

These tests provide information on a candidate’s preferred style of working and personality that may affect job fit. We can provide you with a wide range of options, with consultants accredited in most psychometric testing tools available in today’s market. Where appropriate, these tests can be administered on-line.

Referee Checking

Referee checking can provide a vast amount of information about a candidate. When this information is of a general nature, however, its value is questionable. Referee checking should fill in the gaps in your data from other sources and confirm information you have gathered. We can train your interviewers in effective referee checking.