Job-specific Competencies

Job-specific competencies are those directly related to the role an individual undertakes – such as presentation skills, business acumen, sales ability, political sensitivity and financial analysis.

We undertake a robust job analysis process to make sure your staff and managers understand and engage with the final set of competencies required for a role.

The principles of our process

  • The people doing the job know the job best, so they must be involved in the process.
  • Managers determine what constitutes successful and less-than-successful performance in a role, so they must be involved in the process.
  • In today’s environment of constant change, the process must be future-proofed. This ensures that roles are not cemented in the current or the past, but are defined in a way that will carry your organisation forward for long-term success.
  • There must be no gaps or overlaps in the final competency taxonomy as this creates confusion during implementation.
  • The language should be easily understood by all.