Services & Solutions

Performance Management

We facilitate the development of Performance Management systems which drive strategic organisational goals to an individual level and which are aligned to organisational values. We work with you to create an environment where people can do their best work, gain satisfaction from that work and easily see how they are contribute to organisational success. Read More…
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Recruitment, Selection and Assessment

We provide organisations with the well-researched and validated methodologies and assessment tools to select high performers. We can upskill your own people to deliver these solutions thereby being “consultant independent”. We also provide Development Centers to assist organizations identify the key strengths of their people and opportunities for development. Read More…
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Organisation Capability and Development

We assist organisations develop their Organisation Capabiltiy and Development strategy, ensuring that it is aligned with long term business outcomes and organizational values. We provide one on one coaching for managers, CEOs and boards. We facilitate a number of programmes, both those internally developed and those of other providers. We are accredited in a number of systems such as Development Dimensions International (DDI), Team Management Systems and the EI assessment tool Genos. Read More….

 Competency Development

We identify competencies required for successful long term business performance and are accredited to complete Job-Related Analysis in a number of taxonomies including Lominger and Development Dimensions International (DDI). Read More….

Human Resource Strategy and Support

We provide generalist HR support to both large and small business. This includes developing human resource strategies; undertaking HR audits, the provision of policy and procedures, HR templates, legal compliance, contract management and remuneration advice.
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Transformational Change

We provide organisation transformation support and services. This includes facilitating the development of an organisation’s vision, values, critical success factors and business plans; facilitating optimal organisational design to drive success, building new cultures through collaborative and inclusive process and, where structures are changed, managing any transition process for staff.
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Teams Implementation

We provide support to organisations wishing to implement a “teams based” approach to work. This may be “leader-led” teams, self-directed teams or merely a more collaborative approach to achieving goals.

Operational Reviews

We undertake operational reviews to determine appropriate structure, accountabilities, key performance indicators, and to ensure alignment with overall vision and strategy.

Talent Management

We assist organisations to identify their current talent and key roles for long term, sustainable business success. Once the strengths and potential of your current people has been identified, we work with you to ensure your organisation has a strategy to fill those roles in the future.

Governance Support

We assist Chairs and boards to clearly identifying what Board success looks like and facilitate the evaluation of effectiveness against this criteria.  This may include the implementation of stakeholder surveys and the ongoing coaching, development and support of Board members.  We also provide support to Chairs of Boards in managing the recruitment and performance of Chief Executives.
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