Performance Management System Design and Implementation


An organisation required assistance in designing a performance management system which would enable a consistent approach to performance management across a very diverse business.  They needed to ensure that all staff understand their organisational goals, culture and how they contributed individually and as a team to these goals.

How we helped

Carroll Consulting led a Project Team made up of management, staff and the union to design a performance management system.  Staff were provided with an opportunity to comment on the design prior to it being finalised by management.  Once the design was confirmed, Carroll Consulting provided a training programme for both staff and management in how to implement the system.

Rather than delivering the training, Carroll Consulting accredited internal staff and managers as facilitators to deliver the training throughout the country, thereby ensuring the skills were retained in-house.


There was a high degree of engagement throughout the organisation through the approach to designing the system and the fact that the staff were facilitating the training sessions.  The evaluations from the training were extremely positive. The system remained unchanged for a number of years.