Organisation Change and Recruitment


An organisation reviewed how it was providing its services nationwide and identified the opportunity to make significant savings by bringing in-house an aspect of their business that had previously been contracted out to local government agencies and regional councils. They required support in the organisation design of the new business group, including clarifying accountabilities; the development of position descriptions along with the recruitment of up to 50 new staff across New Zealand.

 How we helped

Carroll Consulting worked with the Group Manager, Operations to identify an appropriate regional structure along with accountabilities for each role.  Position Descriptions were developed which included the competencies required for success.  We then undertook a recruitment drive throughout the country recruiting for entire teams to implement the programme of work.  In some instances, such as the West Coast, this was particularly challenging, however the deadlines were met and competent, high performing teams were appointed.


The organisation had regional offices established along with a head office infrastructure to support the implementation of a nationwide programme of work.  The client made significant savings which could then be used to further the programme of work.