Mergers and Acquisitions


A client with whom we had worked for over 8 years was merging with another organisation.   Carroll Consulting was asked to facilitate this merger from an organisation design and people perspective.

How we helped:

Carroll Consulting worked closely with the Chief Executive designate to design the new entity’s organisation structure, this included facilitating meetings with senior management of both organisations on the options for organisation design and ensuring staff engagement during the entire process once the design had been confirmed by the Board.  Carroll Consulting was responsible for the managing the “transfer” of all staff into the new entity. This included:

  • All change communication related to the people
  • Development of organisation design principles and subsequent organisation structure design
  • Development of position descriptions for the new entity
  • Development of Change Protocol in line with employment agreements for both organisations
  • Liaison with lawyers regarding individual employment issues
  • Development of remuneration strategy and structures for the new entity
  • Development of employment agreements and letters of offer
  • Assessment and selection of staff where there was more than one current incumbent for a role or there were new roles
  • Facilitation of employment disputes
  • Once the organisation was established there was significant work required to ensure staff understood their new roles within the organisation and within the new structure


As a result of our assistance, the new organisation was established and operational within required timeframes.