Board Performance


The Chair of a Board of an organisation within the wider state sector approached Carroll Consulting to assist with the dysfunctional relationships within the Boardroom.  The organisation was going through a significant change in direction and the Chair was concerned that this would fail unless the Board was working well, engaged in the new direction and openly supporting and encouraging the staff and key stakeholders to buy into this.

How we helped

The first step we undertook was to gather background information on the organisation, it’s Statement of Intent, information from the Chief Executive on how he viewed the role of the Board and it’s interface with the role of the Chief Executive. We met with the Board members individually to find out what their views were on the role of the Board, the role of the organisation now and the future direction of the organisation.  We attended a Board meeting where the Chair presented his view of the future of the organisation and some of the key steps to get there.

Using the information gathered we developed a draft set of criteria for Board success, which was signed off by the Board.  We then surveyed the Board, CEO and key stakeholders using this  criteria.  This information was provided back to the Board in a report and a workshop was facilitated to explore strategies to overcome the key gaps in current effectiveness.


The Chair was extremely happy with the process and the outcome as were key Board members.  There were a couple of Board members who decided the new direction of the organisation was not one they agreed with and did not put themselves forward to re-election to the Board after their term ended.